Amazon Launchpad

It's not easy bringing a new product to market. A lot of things have to happen at the right time, or sales arrive before products are made, products are made and we can't pay for them, or something goes wrong with shipping before or after we make a sale.

We're under no illusions about how technically challenging the logistics process can be and that's why we're being open about this part of the business.

We're delighted to have been asked by Amazon to be part of their Launchpad spotlight programme. It means that the Tone Magnet will be accepted into Amazon's fulfillment service, allowing us to send our products using Amazon's Prime service. We will be available in all EU Amazon stores (; .fr; .es; .de and my favourite, .it - Italia, ti voglio bene!) with options for super-speedy delivery.

Although I had enjoyed writing notes and individually packaging the Tone Magnets we have been sending out, I recognise that we can't compete with the logistic competence and good customer service that Amazon offers. We will continue to offer the Tone Magnet for sale on this website and we are targeting independent bricks-and-mortar retailers as stockists in the UK, but Amazon is now a great new way to buy a Tone Magnet. Look out for the listing in the near future!