Our Logo

We've been asked a couple of times this week about our logo and its origins, so I thought I'd give you the story.

The original form of the logo was a super abstract doodle of a guitar. Dolce Stil Novo Logo

It eventually became this thing, two lines to represent the neck and a rough circle to represent the body. We still use a version of this logo for DSN Sound, the company we set up to make the Tone Magnet.

DSN Sound Logo

But I decided that this didn't fit with the device. I wanted something black and white, and more geometric, less freehand. So I got in touch with the amazingly talented Owen O'Donnell, an Irish graphic designer, writer and video maker. You can see some of his work at Pleasureland on YouTube.

I'd never commissioned an artist before, so I looked up some tips on what graphic designers need clients to tell them, then I erred on the side of detail. I gave Owen a couple of pages of hopes, dreams and inspirations and, amazingly, he turned it into something remarkable. I loved his interpretation of what I wanted straight away, and once a couple of niggles were worked out, we had our logo.

Tone Magnet Logo

Owen liked the idea of the stylised guitar, but it now appears in the 'o' of 'Tone' as six strings across a soundhole.

Tone Magnet O Logo

He took inspiration also from Futurist typography as a nod to my Italian education. But it was the way that the letters worked together over two lines that really pleased me.

If you want to hire Owen, you can book him through cutscenemedia.com, an excellent media company based in Livingston, Scotland.