About the Tone Magnet

  • The Tone Magnet is designed to work with your guitar to increase sustain and enhance your tone. It attaches to the bridge of an S- or T- style guitar and requires no extra power or batteries.
  • Because it affects only the primary tone of your instrument, you can use your current effects pedals and amps to get a sound that is distinctively yours: the tone that’s in your head.
  • The Tone Magnet requires no tools to install: it just clicks into place and you can fit and remove it even between songs.
  • We’re delighted to tell you that a patent has been applied for to protect the magnetic technology in the Tone Magnet.


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      We want you to join in and tell us what you want to hear in your tone in the future. We’re planning to offer genuine, handmade ram horn and highland cow horn plectrums and a revolutionary new way of building effects pedals.

      Join us on our quest for tone as we search for ways to help you sound like you.

      Let Us Know the Tone You Want

      Get in touch with us at feedback@tonemagnet.com as we continue to plan the next stage of the business. We’re all about guitar tone: we believe that good guitar tone is one crucial way that you play better, sound better and feel better about the guitar. Coming soon, we’re hoping to build a site that takes great examples of guitar tone and allows users to build an effects pedal based off the tones they hear in their head!