Customer Reviews

Feedback from customers and early adopters

We've been able to take some time and learn from our prototyping process in order to make a Tone Magnet that works with your guitar, fits correctly and looks great. Here are some things that people have said about the Tone Magnet.

Tone Magnet: TEN points! This device gives you a variety of sounds, like: one guitar suddenly does the tricks of serveral guitars….. what a mighty tool!

St. Ananas ( (customer)

Just a quick word to say that yesterday, I played a set at the New Brighton Seaside Festival on my telecaster- and decided that it was the perfect opportunity to try out the tone magnet I won at the Haydock guitar show! And I wasn't disappointed! I'll definitely be keeping it on for future gigs

Olivia Pritchard (competition winner)

It works great, it looks great, it sounds great.

Barry Topping of Teenage China  (early prototype tester)